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Alternative connection with NV2T-DSI
Installing light fittings with digital ballasts in simple spaces such as stairways, garages and corridors may seem like technological overkill. Having to communicate with a microprocessor at each end of a lighting cable can appear unnecessary when simple level control can be achieved by adjusting resistance, using a 110V system. Digital level selection is a more expensive solution.

But to help out all those who admit to just having installed digital ballasts for some reason, we have developed digital variants of our existing NV-2 and NV-2T level selectors, which have the suffix DSI. A DSI variant of the NV-4, which is often used in garages, is not yet available.

See the wiring diagram below, which shows how to connect NV-2T DSI where control is by means of a PD-2200 passive IR detector.