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Welcome to the Planning Guide

You will find both good and bad solutions here – but why should we show you solutions that are bad?



Well, because all too often people learn about the value of a presence detection system after the wrong types of ballasts have already been fitted. Similarly, all the light fittings may have been replaced just a year or two ago, and this makes it difficult to convince people to replace them with a more efficient solution based around dimmable ballasts. In garages, stairwells, culverts and corridors that are frequently used (but where people do not stay long), it verges on a breach of duty not to specify dimmable HF ballasts.

Unfortunately this fact is often overlooked by consultants who do not realise the implications, and we have to rescue the situation by offering less than ideal solutions.

The examples in the Planning Guide are therefore marked with an environmental symbol that clearly shows which solutions are good and which are bad. They look like this!

Good Bad



Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)