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Help your customers to minimize their future costs and contribute to the national economy and the environment by reducing energy consumption.

This opens up a new business opportunity for specializing in the design of installations with optimum performance.

You have a moral obligation to evaluate and recommend energy-saving measures on every project.

It would be a breach of duty not to recommend a presence detection system on projects where the potential energy savings are as obvious as shown in the diagrams below!
The following are a few buildings where our products have been installed.
  • Patent Office in Stockholm

  • IKEA central warehouse outside Jönköping

  • COOP national warehouse, Bro, Stockholm
    10,000 light fittings and 20,000 fluorescent light sources are controlled by 670 detectors. Jan Thelén, energy co-ordinator, hoped for a 30% saving. The actual figure was 70%.

  • City Archive in Stockholm
    Saves around 12,200 kWh per year.

  • National Archive in Härnösand

  • OKG (Oskarshamns Kärnkraftsgrupp)
    Workshops, warehouses, caverns for temporary storage, corridors and culverts.

  • New Police Headquarters in Helsingborg
    Dynamic lighting control in corridors, etc.

  • Södra Älvsborg Hospital in Borås
    The hospital saves around 29,270 kWh each year.

  • Garage in Skärholmen, Stockholm
    Conventional 50 Hz operation, annual consumption before change, 11,930 kWh; after change, 1,540 kWh; payback time, around 6 months.

  • Swedish Royal Opera, Stockholm
  • Stockholm Globe Arena
  • Nya Moderna Museet, Stockholm
  • Police Headquarters, Stockholm
  • Bilspedition, Halmstad
  • Army stores, Linköping
  • Thousands of classrooms across Sweden


Unfortunately, few people take the time to measure the energy consumption before and after installation. If you carry out an interesting project and can show the results of energy measurements we may be interested in recording the project on video so that we can spread the news.

The following diagrams show some examples of the potential savings.

Stairwell – Energy cost reduced by 73%

An AD-500 detector was installed in a 16-storey apartment block. Before installation the lights were switched on 24 hours per day; after installation they were switched on for around three hours per day. This gave an energy saving of 73%.
The total energy consumption for the stairwell decreased from 64.3 kWh to 17.4 kWh per day (73%).

Gents toilets – Energy cost reduced by 75%

An AD-500 was installed in the gents toilets at the Stockholm Globe Arena. Before this was done the lights were left on 24 hours per day, but after installation they ran for just six hours. The result was a 75% saving in energy costs. In this case the automatic flushing system was also connected to the lighting, so water consumption was reduced by the same amount.

Garage - 87% energy reduction

Calculations for a garage at Brantholmsgränd 60 in Stockholm/Skärholmen predicted that lights would run for four hours compared to the previous 24 hours per day. Actual measurements showed an even better result of 3.1 hours, in other words an energy saving of 87%.
Payback time around six months.

Energy consumption before installation, 10,530 kWh; after installation, 1,360 kWh.
Saving, 9.170 kWh per year